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From the recipes I create to the wonderful places I get to experience, it's all about local food in season and cooked well.

Turmeric ginger citrus tea recipe

For a great boost to your immune system in winter. This detox tea is just what we all need after the excess of Christmas. It helps to combat all those niggling coughs and sniffles and gives your system the extra vitamins it needs to fight off the winter bugs.

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Cauliflower broccoli cheese soup recipe

It's winter soup weather. Creamy, tasty and low carb this couldn't be much easier to make. Broccoli and cauliflower are in season here right now and make a good hearty soup without the need for potatoes to thicken them. I always make a big pot. Half is frozen down and...

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Simple Summer Recipe – Melon and Feta Nibbles

In August it's far too hot for cooking. We live on salads and fresh fruit, occasionally lighting the grill and putting some meat on. With the temperature in the house reaching over 40 some days it all needs to be as little preparation involved as possible. The melons...

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Spicy Tomato Jam Recipe

Looking for different ways to preserve tomatoes and healthier alternative to tomato ketchup I decided to devise a tomato jam recipe. More like an extra thick sauce with all the bits and goodness still in there. We like a bit of hot spice in our sauces so this had to...

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Low Carb Bacon Barrels

These are delicious bacon wrapped around mince stuffed with cheese and spicy veg. A couple of days ago I saw a picture on Facebook of some meat wrapped around a beer can and shared in with my husband. After comments from his friends we decided to have a go. The meat...

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Low Carb Mushroom Burger

Healthy and delicious, my husband made the most amazing burgers the other day. Bread is one of the things that people sometimes miss when eating low carb so finding alternatives is always good. The butchers here have very good meat and the burgers they make are pure...

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Lemon herb salt

I'm still finding ways to use up the lemons from our bumper harvest. This idea came from a Pinterest picture I found a while ago, with herbs, salt and lemon rind. I like the idea of having flavoured salt around for summer BBQs. We picked up some small jars in Ace and...

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Low Carb Cheese Scones

Looking for something low carb, tasty and quick and simple to make? As the weather has continued to be wet a wintry in Rhodes this week, it's been a time for warm comfort food and soups. I wanted something to dunk in the soup and use to snack on with ham or bacon....

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Crispy Coconut Chicken Bites

After a busy day out you need a simple tasty supper supper that doesn't take too much preparation. You can prepare these in advance and just pop them in the oven when you get home. Crispy coated chicken is always popular, this combination of coconut, lemon and chilli...

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