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From the recipes I create to the wonderful places I get to experience, it's all about local food in season and cooked well.

Flaxseed Sandwich bread – low carb

There are times when a low carb lifestyle can seem a little inconvenient. You just want to grab a sandwich on the go what do you do? There are the lettuce or cabbage leaf wraps which are great, but sometimes you just want something like bread. Of course there isn't...

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Greek style Stuffed Peppers

Greek food really is wonderful, it's healthy, fresh, tasty and low carb. You just need to have willpower when the bread basket comes out! This recipe is my take on the food you get in local tavernas but minus the rice. Greek Style Stuffed Peppers...

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Zucchini Scones

Tasty, healthy and very easy to make, these Zucchini Scones are great as a side dish or on their own. Firstly I must confess to a love of vegetables which is why I'm always experimenting with new tasty ways to eat them. The idea of this recipe came from Pinterest...

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Cheery chocolate bombs

This is is an unexpected post today. As some may know I've been following Kirsty and taking pictures of daily life following the prompts, at the same time I'm also eating and living a much healthier way, cutting out the carbs. So when the prompt for yesterday's photo...

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Spicy Cauliflower Cheese Sauce Recipe

I know this is the second food post in a week and not that long ago I said this wasn't going to turn into a food blog. This was so scrumptious I just had to share, it would be rude to keep it all to myself. The final sauce is a journey that started about a month ago....

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Prawn Saganaki Recipe

  Yesterday I made one of my favourite Greek starter dishes "prawn saganaki" (in Greek σαγανάκι).  Traditionally cooked on the stove top and served in a small 2 handled dish, saganaki is a flavourful baked cheese dish. Each region has its own variations on the...

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Chilli Jam Recipe

My first recipe post, it was really difficult to know which to choose at first so I just decided to go with the reason I ended up selling jams and chutneys at a charity table top sale on Sunday. Chilli jam, some like it on toast, others put it on chicken or pork on...

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