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Since moving to Rhodes I’ve been lucky to have the time and ability to experience the romance the island has to offer and have shared much of it on the blog. It’s a place that attracts such a variety of visitors who return every year. An island that has a way of getting under your skin. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to Hype Magazine – the blog of UK travel retailer Holiday Hypermarket – and shared my very own my insider tips to exploring Rhodes, uncovering a few of the island’s hidden gems along the way.

In our chat we spoke about everything from food and sightseeing options to the best souvenirs you can pick up on a visit here. You can read the full interview over on the Hype blog, or discover a few of my favourite snippets below.


Lindos main beach romantic Rhodes

Greece has so many islands to choose from… why would you say travellers should visit Rhodes over other major Greek islands?

Grandmasters palace gates romantic Rhodes


Traditional life exists here alongside the modern. You can sail, swim, kite surf, go walking, cycle, bird watching or just sit by the pool all day. There are small guest houses in stunning old buildings or modern all-inclusive resorts with infinity pools. With an airport and ferry links, it’s also a great base to see other islands in the Dodecanese.

In terms of food, tourists tend to find themselves eating at all the obvious places, but which lesser-known restaurant gems do the locals love in Rhodes when it comes to dining out?

Monolithos taverna romantic Rhodes


One of our favourites is the Old Monolithos Taverna in Monolithos, open all year in summer it’s a place to escape the heat in the cooler mountain air with stunning views across the coast and traditional home cooked food. In winter the fire will be lit and welcome just as warm with slow-cooked meat and traditional vegetable dishes.

Culturally, are there any places or events you’d recommend to really immerse yourself in the local culture?

Greek dancers orange festival romantic Rhodes


There are always festivals and events going on around the island. If you can, get to the island in spring go to the Orange Festival in Massari. It’s an annual festival that takes place at the end of March beginning of April and one of the largest festivals on the island.

For a different view of the town of Lindos come along on Fathers’ day when they hold an evening medieval festival with a parade through the old alleyways, displays of traditional crafts and fabulous stage entertainment in the amphitheatre.

Away from the main tourist spots, Rhodes offers a vast selection of beautiful locations that are just waiting to be discovered. Learn more about what to see and do on the island here.

If you are shopping on line follow the link to amazon and help support the blog too, I will get a small commission and it won’t cost you anything extra. Thank you

What’s your favourite part of Rhodes? Are you planning on visiting the island? If you enjoyed this post and found it useful please comment and share. Thank you

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