Melons for sale at the side of the road

In August it’s far too hot for cooking. We live on salads and fresh fruit, occasionally lighting the grill and putting some meat on. With the temperature in the house reaching over 40 some days it all needs to be as little preparation involved as possible.

The melons are in season. They are piled high in the supermarkets and on the back of pick up trucks at the side of the road. Watermelon and gala melon are the varieties grown in the fields around us.

What better way is there to cool down than eating a slice of fresh melon? Surprisingly the combination of sweet melon and salty feta just works wonders.

Melon & Feta Nibbles


  • Melon either water or gala chopped into equal size square pieces
  • Feta chopped into chunks not as thick as the melon
  • Fresh herbs – I used mint and basil
melon and feta on a chopping board

simple fresh ingredients


This isn’t so much a recipe as an assembly.

Cut up pieces of melon and combine them with the feta.

melon and feta on sticks

a simple starter

You can put them on sticks with fresh mint or basil. Great to pass round as nibbles at a party.

Or you can do what I did for lunch today and simple toss them all in a bowl.

melon, feta and herbs in a bowl

a simple lunch

Try adding melon to your salads it goes surprisingly well.

My favourite combination is watermelon, feta and mint. What’s yours?

I chose the herbs that I had in the garden, if you try anything else let me know. Enjoy 🙂


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