The decoration of the plaster or #plasterdoodle has been good fun and a really good way of passing the time with my leg up. It was just about covered with colour in time for my visit to the hospital today for my 2 week check up.

The news was good, the doctor was really pleased with the way the leg is healing, they X-rayed the knee again and he has decided that it doesn’t require surgery. Mmmm… at this point I must confess to being a little surprised, as I had no idea he thought it might need surgery! Sometimes it really is a good not to know everything I would have spent the last two weeks worrying.

He added some bandage around the top and bottom of the plaster as it was cracking in places. But that is it really. It’s still not a walking plaster he really doesn’t want me to walk on it and in fact said I would need to keep my full weight off the leg for 3 months and the plaster for at least 45 days. 31 days to go and counting.

Language barriers in hospitals overseas can be frustrating at times but also very funny. I was laid on my back, leg in the air and the doctor commented “you’re very plastic” after confused looks between mum and me, it he changed it to “elastic” and proceeded to show us that he couldn’t raise his leg as high as me, what he really meant was of course ‘flexible’.

There will be a new plaster put on in another 2 weeks, and we shall see what happens next.

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The decorated cast went down well with the hospital staff with lots of smiles, questions and γεια σας (hello in Greek pronounced yas sas)  from random people. The only concern came when it was time for the X-ray in case the sparkles were metallic. For now though I need to work out how to decorate the bandages? You can follow my progress on Instagram @olivefetaandouzo

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