Many who think of Rhodes think of the Old Town and it’s cobbled streets, but there’s a side to the New Town outside the medieval walls that may surprise many.

Yesterday was another sunny July morning. We headed up to Rhodes town to do some shopping.

The town was waking up as we arrived, with the coffee shops opening and locals arriving for work. As many others were, we started the day with leisurely frappé watching the town come alive around us.

A friend in town had recommended somewhere for breakfast a Swedish place called Kringlan. So we headed in that direction and started to wander around.

Many tourists will find their way to this street called Nikiforou Mandilara, with the Chinese Burger and Koukos restaurants next door to each other. All around this area are little alley ways and if you go for a walk down one of them you’ll find a completely different side to the town.

Quaint alley ways lined with potted plants. There’s a grandeur to the architecture in streets that only mopeds can access.

Old gates and doors that give a glimpse into another world.

Little café, bars and restaurants appear around corners.

Interesting decorations, glimpses of  the culture and history of Rhodes. With May wreaths of dried flowers still hanging on doors. Graffiti alongside flowers the future hope for this generation.



There’s the occasional derelict place, we look and wonder what stories it has to tell. Someone one day will rescue these places and turn them into something grand again.

There was colour and wonderful old stonework.

Surprised when we stumbled across a bar street, even here there was an interesting mixture of architecture and function.

What didn’t we find? We didn’t find queues at ATMs. We didn’t find queues at petrol stations. We didn’t find shortages on the supermarket shelves.

We found the warm smiling hospitality of the Greek people. We found good food and good coffee. We found a bustling European city. We found a place that’s safe to wander around. We found tourists and locals enjoying life.

I even found these signs but couldn’t decide which to buy?

signs for the home

which should I get?

What will you find when you wander around Rhodes town next time you’re here?

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