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A little creativity with a map today using the little moments app

Yesterday we went for a wander around the little picturesque village of Lachania. In the south of the Island it’s about half an hours drive from Lindos. We didn’t intend on going there, we just went out for a drive and decided to turn right.

I love days like that, when you don’t make any prior plan. You just head out and decide left or right, then keep on going doing the same. We drove along the coast at the back of hotels in Kiotari, there’s not much ready and open for the tourist season yet.

Further down to Gennadi the beach bar behind the town hall still looks abandoned and not likely to open again this year.

Past Gennadi the landscape changes there’s less farming and olive groves, it’s all a little bit more wild. We turned off to the beach at Plimiri. The fish taverna was open, there were a couple of customers braving the cold wind, but we didn’t fancy fish.

Near the beach bar a digger was getting things ready for the season. Up on the hill there was lots of movement at new hotel they’ve been building for years.

We headed back to the main road and then spotted the sign for the scenic route to Lachania. It wasn’t that far to go so we turned off curious to see how scenic it was.

The road was a well kept track that led us into the other end of the village. The two tavernas on the main road were open, but we headed down to the square. Platanos Taverna was open. It’s only open on Sundays during the winter.

We stopped for a coffee and a light snack of Greek salad with pitaroudia (chick pea fritters). It came with local bread and plenty of their own olive oil to dip it in.

After lunch I decided to exercise the leg, which is improving every day, by going for a wander around. The last time I  walked around this village we were looking for a place to rent and hadn’t moved her yet.

village church

the square and church where we parked the car

From the main road through the village it doesn’t seem like much, but take a wander around the streets and it’s a curious little place. You’re never quite sure what you’ll find around the next corner.

There’s your traditional little alley ways, with white washed houses and blue doors. The occasional alley cat and a few bright geraniums


Sometimes there’s a bit of exposed stonework or stone surrounds. Most of the houses in the village are holiday homes so there’s barely a soul around. There’s even the occasional one that still needs renovation.

One gateway was more like the captains houses in Lindos.

wood door to Greek courtyard

I wonder what it says about the door?

A covered alley way just makes you wonder more about what’s at the other end.

vine covered alley way

what’s down there?

At the end of the alley was a very interesting house, painted in wonderful warm colours. It was a real mixture of styles and levels. Outside was a huge rubber tree and lush under-planting with cactus and annuals. I’d love to wander around and meet the person who lives in a place like that.

I love the way they get creative with door handles and knockers in Greece, there’s always something to photograph.

womans head door knocker

now we just need a door to put one on?

A butterfly painted on a wall has given me some creative ideas.

butterfly painted on a wall


Back by the car there was time to get creative with a picture of the natural spring water.

spring water

playing with the iphone

Then we headed out towards the main road and home.

the road out of Lachania

the road home

this has given me lots of creative ideas for around our place. I wonder where we will end up driving to next time? It’s great to be a tourist at home 🙂

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