Thursday started out with sunshine and showers. I’m still busy spring cleaning so risked the showers and got the sofa throws washed. The sofa is a second hand Ikea one and the pink flowery cover isn’t really to our taste. Luckily Jumbo does a good selection of cheap throws that wash well. D was busy taking the shower tiles out and removing all the old tile cement.

It’s nearly tick and flea time again. Now that spring is here the animals need to be treated every 3 weeks and with Apollo needing another box of antibiotics I headed to the pharmacy in Kalathos. It’s not cheap having pets here, the cats have Frontline Combo, the dog needs one that also protects against sand flies and Leishmania and then there was 6 days of antibiotics and not much change from €50.

I’d brought Apollo with me and we headed down to the beach at Kalathos for his morning run. I say run, but I walk or stumble in the sand and throw the ball for him. He does seem to enjoy it, though for some strange reason will never fetch the ball more than three times. The third time he heads straight back to the car and circles it waiting for you come back and and let him in!

There was a thunder storm over Haraki and the sea was the most amazing colour. As the rain reached us Apollo went for the third ball and straight back to the car! It was time to get back and get the washing in. Luckily the storm missed us and the washing dried.

Then I started creating the signs for the storage boxes in the utility room. I picked up a woodburning iron at Lydl around Christmas and decided that would be the best way forward. A friend had some left over mdf sheeting. D cut out the pieces and I set to work with some sandpaper and the iron. Not bad for a first go and more than ok for the utility room. That also covered yesterday’s prompt for ‘art’.

Storm over Haraki

Storm approaching

Shower minus tiles

All cleared out and ready to re-tile

Apollo back at the car

He’s not getting left behind

signs created with woodburniing iron

getting a little creative and yesterdays prompt was ‘art’

Tsiknopempti ‘burnt Thursday’

Yesterday was Tsiknopempti known as ‘burnt’ Thursday. A day when everyone goes out and BBQ’s lots of meat. In every village around here there were community get togethers with music, dancing and lots of meat being cooked. Linked to the period of carnival in Greece and Orthodox lent, where it’s the last day to eat meat.

We spent a great afternoon and evening catching up with friends, with live music a plate of meat and a few drinks. Good live music was in short supply in the Middle East and is one of the things I missed about home at one point. Where ever I lived in the UK there would always be a local band playing in a pub.

There are a couple of expat and local bands that play in the bars at this end of the island. But if you want a selection of live music you’ll need to head up to Rhodes town.


Haraki harbour and a duck

a duck greeted us at Haraki

band playing at Haraki Dreams

Great music

bbq with a view

A great view for the chef

tsiknopempti bbq haraki dreams

The Greeks know how to do a BBQ

I can’t believe it’s Friday and another week has gone. D is now on his last week home it’s been wonderful having him here for longer and it’s going to be hard when goes back to work this time.

Today started out warm and sunny, though now the clouds have come over and cold wind has picked up. We might be in for some rain again overnight. My day began with guitar lesson. We have a very talented friend who teaches a group of us once a week. We are all a little older than your average pupil, very amateur and loving learning together.

Back home and we needed to head to the hardware store in Archangelos to get something better for cutting tiles. It’s difficult working out how to do things like this when it’s in another language. There’s no big DIY store with helpful staff, instruction leaflets and every gadget you need. The right cutting tool obtained and some metal paint for my wind chime we then decided to take a drive down to Stegna beach.

It’s never too busy down there. This time of year there’s one place open for drinks and snacks. People are busy getting everywhere ready for the season. We had Apollo with us and the beach to ourselves. The colour was amazing again today.

Stegna beach

Stegna beach today

The prompt for today was ‘the weather’. Maybe I talk about the weather a little too much in these posts, but being British we are obsessed with it. In the Middle East there were really only 2 seasons, summer and winter. I was informed by an old Lebanese lady when I first went to work in Kuwait “the weather here is easy, one day with wind will blow and it will be hot, then one day the wind will blow and it will be cold”

I later found out she was kind of right. The Shamal northwesterly winds do indeed herald the end of the one season and start of the next. Maybe the winds we’re currently having are a similar indication?

Kalathos beach weather pic

‘the weather’ on Kalathos beach

The shutters are now closed against the wind which has really picked up out there. The sun’s just about set, there’s big black clouds overhead and it’s turned cold. My head that’s been feeling odd all day may have been warning of a storm after all and not the hangover I thought it was? We could be in for an interesting night, the type with thunderstorms and no electric.

I hope you’ve had a good day where ever you are in the world?







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